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2021-04-20 01:12:00Biancaaa
2021-04-03 20:59:00Mirsh
Got the same thing- I reported it to ymax communications so they can shut down the phone number
2021-01-22 03:33:00Pecatonica Bill
Just received a call from this number- We used to get them all the time, but have not received one for about two years now- Two years ago, I listened to their plea for donations and I asked them to call me back the next day- I called down to Austin and was told that they are NOT part of the DPS- When they called the next day, I asked them if I gave them a donation, what percentage actually was given to the state troopers and how much they actually kept as their fee for fundraising- The guy said he was "pretty sure" that almost all of it went to the troopers- I then asked him to mail me a letter stating the actual percentage amounts and then I would be happy to make a donation- He kept at me about how much could he put me down for while the letter was on the way- I told him letter first and then we would discuss an amount- Needless to say, a letter never arrived and the calls stopped, until today- Watch out for some of these supposed fund-raisers Out of a - donation, - might make it to the organization that is represented and the other - ends up in the "fund-raisers" pocket as an "administration" fee
2020-12-25 03:01:00rnlocks
Disconnected number someone using
2020-12-05 08:43:00bfrazm
Got a call this morning - I'm an unlisted number- Line just went blanko, nada word
2020-11-28 16:04:00mark evenson
this is a spam phone number, they leave a msg stating they are with federal investigations, looking for a family member they claim took out an online pay check load and did not pay it- They state they got your name and number because that family member listed you as a reference- They state there is a warrant our for that family member and you are also on the subpoena to appear in court- They say u are being recorded - Donald Miller is the name they use and the caller ID says GKB
2020-11-17 15:52:00Afeef Rahman pokayil
, ? These creeps try to intimidate people but a REAL legal investigating person would stay professional when you try to piss them off- I called them back and told them I was "the FBI Mutha %&*er", to which the angrily replied, "Why you make a mean say to me? Why you say you the FBI? Fock yoo- I fock yer mother, your seester, I come in tha night and fock you too The sherriff will be to your work tomorrow to take you away"Dummies, just ignore them and they'll stop eventually- They may start up again a year from now, but just keep ignoring them