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2021-03-10 10:03:00suvo sardar
I didn't realize this as they called my daughter and My #- I actually through this was real and gave them my info to play off the debt- God help me
2021-02-11 14:00:00Pat perez
2021-01-30 16:19:00SHANTI DEVI
I have been getting non-stop calls for the same reason,my computer is flooding their boards at Windows support that my computer has been corrupted and so on- When the calls come in, some crazy number shows up on my caller ID,like V,it's crazy When I told the guy I was not in front of my computer and could I call him back her gave me this number (,), told me his name was Justin Smith (which was a lie cause he was Arab or something) and his password "Love" (for what reason I needed that I don't know)- I said I'll call back- Well a few hours went by and he called again, with another crazy number showing up this time starting with the letter "M"- He said "I thought you were gonna call me back?" and I told him I was busy- He started to get very rude and pushy and when I told him I did not believe him and that I would call Microsoft myself to see if this was true He got even nastier and said to me "What? Are you special that someone at Microsoft would speak with you?" I said 'Excuse me,but who the hell do you think you are talking to?" and he started to talk again and I hung up The funny thing is that about a month ago I got a call from a nu,ber I didn't know and when I called it back, it lead me to Movie Phone- A few minutes later, the call came in again and this time I answered it and it was this same idiot that called me today- He gave me the same speech and I told him he was full of crap cause the number he was calling from was NOT Windows but rather Movie Phone- He argued with me then and he argued with me today- If they call again I am informing him that the authorities have been notified and they are tapping my phone to catch his scamming AND if anything gets jeopardized with my computer or it crashes, the police will know about that too Can't wait to tell him that and see what he does
2021-01-19 02:49:00a debtor
Rude, hung up after I wouldn't give husband's work number, and then proceeded to harass him at work (if she already had the info, why be rude to me about it? Also, I didn't think they could bug you at work?)
2021-01-03 07:09:00Teri Bulawa
(), This is NOT a REAL number, it belongs to a Girl who calls herself "sera" but who knows her real name- This girl is friends with a mentally ill girl name Rebecca Rosa Vasconcellos AkA Rebrosa AKA Nicotine lady who hangs around meetup-com groups- Sera & Rebecca used this number to call me & harass me non-stop, prank call me all night long- Sera poses as a real estate agent from Beverly Hills and demands to come to see your house if you want to rent or lease or sell it- They are both SCAM artist and stay away from them- This is a SCAM Prank call just to find a way for them to break into your home by looking inside or sending some one on their behalf to photograph and video tape your home Be AWARE
2020-12-23 02:13:00KYgirlinGA
MOD pops up in the caller ID
2020-11-09 10:51:00Amma K
Rang once, hang up- Saying that I won something because I visited a unnamed website- Do not press ""