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2021-05-08 20:53:00dmand
Typical scam that has followed me for literally years- These folks always claim to have some legal authority to collect a debt which I do not owe- They threaten al sorts of action from lawsuits to having police knock on my door with a warrant for my arrest- Often they even claim to be an enforcement branch of the government-These calls began not long after I applied for and received a payday loan from CashNetUSA about three years ago- They even claimed originally that was the debt that I owed- I had paid that off and called CashNetUSA to investigate why they were attempting to collect this debt again and they told me they weren't but had received similar inquiries from other current and former customers asking the same thing- The assured me they would investigate if customer data was being stolen externally or internally but I never heard back if they met with any success-ONE THING THESE CALLERS HAVE IN COMMON - ALWAYS, they have heavy foreign accents, usually Asian, and use American sounding generic names such as John Smith, Nancy Johnson, Bob White, etc-The solution? Learn to identify these callers either by answering and hearing the accent with the American name and a demand for a debt you don't owe, or by letting the call go to voicemail then checking notes-com-Good luck
2021-05-06 22:16:00James Priest
Callin several times a day for weeks- No answer no message- It's driving me batty
2021-04-29 06:13:00KATIE MCINTYRE
I get getting calls from this number- when call back please check the number can not be completed as dial
2021-04-20 09:23:00xxx-xxx-xxxx
Here is how you block calls- I have Vonage, but can work with almost anything else- You will need the following-GoogleGmail account- Google voice, it will connect with your gmail account, YOUR phone service, have all calls set to ring at "" (zero) seconds, after that, forward all your calls to Google Voice, Have google voice then ring on either your gtalk, or cell phone- This way, you won't hear a ring on your main number- It will go to your GV phone-If the caller is an unwanted caller, then use the google voice to "Block" all calls from that number- When they call again, it will NEVER ring out, but you will be able to view any history of it, but for evermore, THEY will hear nothing but, "We're sorry, but the number you are trying to call is no longer in service-" There you go- Now, using google voice, and gmail, you will have the Google Contacts that will also work with your Smartphone cell phone- This way, those incoming calls will show up as those you know- Those on your contacts list directory will get through- Those who are not, will be blocked by you forever- It's a work around, but it works
2021-04-01 10:56:00roobytooby
Called me x after I kept rejecting the call- I couldn't find anything online on the number so I called back and Alejandra went into her spiel about Assembly Bill blah, blah and how it works for homeowners that need home repairs
2021-03-18 04:25:00asadeq
Caller is Specialty Network- Its a pre-recorded survey- You'll need to call them to take your name off their list
2021-03-07 22:53:00Redwood
Made calls requesting money
2020-12-28 19:11:00Phil Palip
They called from running advert all the via automated computer
2020-12-18 15:41:00dncegf
I have my home phone going through a PBX system (www-incrediblepbx-com), and most calls are routed through an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)- The AHA, in this case, uses an autodialer that doesn't know to punch the button of the IVR, so I never hear their calls- I only see in the call log that they've called- Specific caller id calls can be routed straight through, such as my cell phone, or the county's Code Red system- It's wonderful, and I highly recommend it
2020-12-10 09:03:00James Star
if I let answering machine take it, they don't leave message