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2021-02-28 22:44:00jcron
Pay day loan consolidation
2021-02-19 05:28:00newjerseybiz
Another health insurance scam, If you tell them you want more info on health insurance, they sell your name number to agents who will hound you saying you gave permission for them to call you- You can add them to the list of companies that ignore Do Not Call- I found a call blocker a few months ago at www-BlockTelemarketers-net that works really well, with the push of a button it permanently blocks any more calls from an unwanted phone number- It's been a godsend, as I think I'm on every phone SPAM list in the world
2020-12-11 11:53:00Dale J
i get calls from this # several time a day- just a few days ago they called six time five of which they say nothing- the sixth time i cursed them & told them if your gonna call then talk or don't waste my money, time or minutes- It's like thats all they do is hassle people- instead of talking to you in a professional manner their rude if they do talk they try pump you for personal info that noone should ever give out over the phone- & if you don't answer & let your voice mail pick up they tell you it's very important for you th call this number back as soon as possible- they shouldn't leave messages at all with personal info- that privacy what happen to privacy there is no personal info in this so called freedom country- you have no rights anymore- this country helps other countrys before our own- we have children that are homeless,hungry & in need of food & clothing & shelter but thy goverment would ather rebiuld other countys up instead of taking care of its own first
2020-12-04 12:48:00Barbarra
Text from email :We are sorry to inform you that we had to lock your (First-Choise) account-Call at :Obvious phishing scam
2020-11-28 20:27:00Not yours
How come I'm the only one tgo get calls from this number
2020-11-06 16:42:00VA DELIA
I too got this call, looks like just trying to switch long distance carriers to AT&T- We have a rd party LD provider we are happy with- We often get attempts like this from other companies- Read before you sign Likely nothing illegal here,Terri Chalaire, PEChalaire & Associates, Inc-Engineering Consultants
2020-10-31 11:04:00RedKnight
best thing to simply do is if you do not reconise the number Dont pick up call - i have had it with these people to the point of just not answering the phone - if you block them they just change numbers and call again - i have changed numbers twice now on my phone some how thye get the number and call again - so just dont answer any number you dont know - same with cell phone calls - you can report it to police however thAT dont work either - so i just let it go to answering machine and eventually i hope they get the idea i aint going to answer it period
2020-10-20 13:36:00amol dinar avhad
They now reach out to Germany as well- Was about to call the number back, but first looked up the number at Google, here I am, :-)Thanks for saving me time, and by the way, such kind of cold calls are in the meantime illegal in Germany- I wonder in addition through which private data leakage they got my number