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2021-08-21 13:04:00Strike
Oh my gosh, I KNEW it was a scam My own experience with Jaleco was identical to all the others reported here- A woman called me, said I owed- for magazines I had purchased on a two-year subscription- I told her there was an error; I do subscribe to a few magazines (not the two she mentioned), but I always go directly through the magazine itself to order- I never use agencies to handle the transaction- According to this woman, the credit card I had given the agency ( for a two-year subscription to VOGUE and GLAMOUR? Are you kidding me? I'd be out of my mind to pay that) had been declined- She said, as above, that the postmaster had confirmed that all issues had been delivered- Not true: I have never received GLAMOUR, and the year of VOGUE I received was ordered through the magazine itself- I had stopped it more than a year ago, and , if her story had been true , I would have been receiving two copies, one through the magazine and one through the agency- She told me that the agency's Accounts Payable had been taken over by Jaleco, and that these magazines had been ordered by me in - She also said they had my voice on tape, agreeing to the conditions of purchase- I asked to hear this tape, to see if it really was my voice- She said, "You can hear it in court; we are not obligated to make it available to you, as the defendant-" So I couldn't hear the "evidence" until I went to court, hmmm? SOUNDED LIKE A SCAM TO ME FROM THE START But I was leaving early the next morning for a trip to Canada, and according to her, they would be serving me with a court order the very next day unless I paid the full amount AT THAT MOMENT- I was very frazzled by all this on the eve of my trip;so I did give her my credit card number-However, today I got two copies of a very unprofessional document, on plain paper instead of company letterhead, all in capitals, requesting my signature to a certification that all services had been received and that I was authorizing my card company to pay the There was no phone number for Jaleco LLC given, although there is a website: jalecollc-wix jalecollc , doesn't look like a web address to me, and I haven't tried to check it yet- The important part was, they had made errors with:) my name, supposedly on the credit card) my street number) the spelling of my street name, and) the spelling of the name of my citySo I am encouraged by letters and calls from other people who have been scammed by this company and have had the guts to tell the Jaleco rep to just TRY to take them to court I shall do nothing about this dumb letter, and await their threatening call , I'll tell them to go fly a kite, and I'll see them in court (NOT) Then I will make a report to the Better Business Bureau- (With which, by the way, Jaleco has a C- rating, because of the many complaints against the company, and because the BBB cannot find any documentation to back up the company's existence- Jaleco is not a member of the BBB , what a surprise)Thanks to the rest of you for giving me the courage to disregard this scam and not act out of the fear they tried to instil in me
2021-08-12 20:50:00joel williams
I live in the UK,the number came up on my mobile as a UK number would - starting with , not +, There was a long pause, then the caller must have had my given name from somewhere because he started the call by asking if he was speaking to Mary, When I confirmed, reluctantly, that my name was indeed Mary, and asked him who HE was, he hung up- What concerns me most is that, simply by answering my phone, I may have done as much as he needed from me,e-g- to log my mobile number and name on AT&T's system for some big data gathering exercise, Any others out there with similar experiences similar experiences of AT&T,???Many thanks to White Pages for providing this reverse look-up service to people like me, Mary
2021-08-10 15:23:00M OBULESU
This number is WINDHAM PROFESSIONALS which is a collection agency- DO NOT do business with them without an attorney- Google this agency and see all the complaints
2021-06-28 19:52:00Auntie Me
This was for an ESPN magazine renewal
2021-06-04 09:00:00REECCUP
this number is also linked to from what I can gather they are a general collection agency- student loans, loans from financial institutions and even some cellular telephone companies deal with them- and it is true that some of their collection tactics violate certain laws regarding collecting debts over the telephone- still researching, hope this helps
2021-05-23 21:13:00SandyV
Telling me I got a grant for and I had to use a credit card or something to give them - BIG SCAM
2021-05-10 06:42:00dick cauton
health dental insurance
2021-05-05 19:20:00looking
Received call - No message left- Have a blocked number; clueless how these callers reach us get through
2021-04-24 01:32:00luckyone
most likely telemarket scam