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2021-10-08 23:41:00Spiffy
Collections total gym
2021-08-30 23:46:00dpowel
these people are running the yellow pages scam- they call and ask you a couple questions about the business, accurate number? yes- accurate address? yes- then they edit your conversation and create a faulty recording that makes it seem like you agreed to pay money for a service you never asked for- without ever sending an invoice they wait a while and call again to tell you that you will be sent to collections and that your credit will be trashed if you do not pay- if you dont pay they will go as far as having a fake agency, run by them contact you hounding you for the money- - one major tip off, my wife fell for it and paid them - she received a conformation number AND A RECEIPT FOR THE TRANSACTION stating that she had a remaining owed balance of ZERO- she realized she was scammed, called the bank and no such transaction had gone through yet- i have never heard of a company that will send a receipt before receiving payment- and a conformation number confirms your paid up- she cancelled our bank account and we have not paid- i am now awaiting my call from "collections" i will happily forward them my receipt claiming i owe nothing- cheap- low life scammers walking on the backs of hard working middle class people- this has gotta stop
2021-08-19 13:05:00Lisa Meyer
I'm sick of this number popping up on my caller ID every minutes
2021-07-12 11:25:00JustTheFacts
This is a man claiming that I won a sweepstakes that I did not apply for- He asked for before the money could be transferred- Its a big fraud
2021-07-12 02:00:00stonedcrab
, is a Medic Alert number to update membership
2021-07-02 20:16:00Mistral
Caller ID said "L SCVC CALL", whatever THAT means- Calls JUST started up TODAY from this number- Let it go to ans- machine, but it didn't make it; stopped at rings- Wasn't sure it wasn't something related to this Nor'easter storm that is coming to our area tomorrow, such as a reverse call from the electric company or our city officials
2021-06-26 10:26:00Lecia
rooms to go friend used me as a reference looking for her to pay bill
2021-06-15 15:19:00Go Poets
spam recording