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2021-09-23 17:43:00Please..
Today (Feb , ) for the st time I received a phone call from this number (,)- It was hard to understand what he was saying because of his extra thick indian middle eastern accent- I kept making him repeat himself because I couldn't understand- He informed me that I was being taken to court for delinquency on an internet payday loan taken out in January of - He recited all of my personal information to me as if to "prove" that he was a legit company, it was all correct from my SSN down to the checking acct number,He even had the names of my references that I used- He kept saying he was calling from the parent company of whatever the loan company was that I had taken this loan through- He said the original company I took out the loan through had probably gone out of business but he couldn't tell me which one it was- So I asked him how come the first time I hear anything about a delinquency on this account is when I'm being sued for it- he supposedly transfers me to his manager by putting me on hold and playing a ringtone in my ear to simulate music u hear when someone puts u on hold- The "supervisor" comes to the phone and this proceeds to tell me that this "loan" that I signed a "contract" for states that if I become delinquent, the company doesn't have to contact me to collect, they can just sue me for it- Then he has the audacity to say he doesn't know how the account ended up in his legal department and that "someone may have stolen your identity"- So I asked him if he had a phone number for the "company" he says yes and gives me the name of the company ("Advanced Cash USA" which, remember, he didn't have any record of before because it had supposedly gone out of business) and gives me a phone number to call which was (,)-So, I hang up from him, call this number and low and behold-it sounds EXACTLY like the guy I just got off the phone with- Then he says, since I won't pay, he's gonna tell the legal company to go ahead with the proceedings and if I had paid off the loan then I could prove it in court and I wouldn't have anything to worry about- Or I could just go ahead and give him a payment now and be done with it- Then I went off on him and told him I feel like I'm being scammed and he says "well since you're being concerned, I will tell the ACS not to contact u" and then he just hung up on me-So I call all of the payday loan places I had ever borrowed from just to make sure that they had all been paid off- And one company was hard to locate,MTE Financial, which did in fact fold, and another company called Instant Cash USA took over their accounts- (I suspect MTE Financial is where this person got my personal information since they were the hardest to contact and the only company which had transferred my loan to someone else)-I found an old email from which told me that MTE would no longer be debiting my account and that Instant Cash had taken over- The email also said I could call MTE to verify- The number it gave was , I called that number and the representative had no clue who MTE was, but instead transferred me to her company's collections manager (Tracy) who apparently new more about MTE and the aquisition and was able to help me a great deal- She showed all of my accounts had been paid in full before the loan was transferred- She informed that the call i received was probably a fraud and that MTE was somewhere in California, not in the DC Area- Then I started putting the puzzle pieces together-After I hung up from her, I decided to do a reverse phone lookup on Google for the and (which is the area code for Wash, DC btw-I live in the DC Area) numbers and VOILA I found all kinds of people complaining about the exact same thing,a payday loan that was supposedly delinquent and they were getting threats from some middle eastern claiming his name was Brian Smith or some obvious american name with an extra thick accent saying that they would supposedly be sued and or arrested-I have since closed my accounts and put security alerts on the new ones- I've also called all of the major credit bureaus and put security freezes and fraud alerts on my credit reports-I also called the number back, which turned out to be a fax machine and then I called the number back and informed Mr- "Brian Smith" that he and his "company" along with his "legal department" was under investigation with the FBI and my local police agency for suspected ID Theft, Wire Fraud and Scams,He of course hung up in my ear-KEEP THIS GOING FOLKS Hopefully some other unsuspecting consumer will read these and not be fooled
2021-08-30 03:38:00leftyman
Received calls in days ( & ) from "Steve Williams" claiming to be from my mortgage company and stating that my loan modification was stopped and that they would proceed with foreclosure action if I did not call them back immediately- This individual had a very heavily accented voice, possibly Indian or Pakistani sounding, and could not pronounce my name or my city's name correctly- Of course I knew it was a scam since my mortgage is current and no one with a name like Steve Williams would have an accent that heavy
2021-08-25 11:34:00reporting you
i donk know
2021-08-22 19:33:00be aware
This man is my credit card shopping a mobile for emi but not payment 15,000
2021-08-04 07:17:00Maria Haberlock
someone calls and if you answer they ask to speak to you, do not tell them that it is you ask them who they are and what they are calling about the man on the phone will say "Nicklaus b garros" , he will keep asking you who you are do not confirm it is some trying to trick you into giving up your personal information report the number ASAP i do not know how these people get your number just don't pick up if you don't know they number they people need to get a life period
2021-07-23 05:36:00Pancho
The person says their name is "Sally Hanson" and that they are a recruiting company in the healthcare industry- SCAM
2021-07-09 06:07:00nazeer
Got a call from this number on my cellphone- didn't recognize number so I did not answer it, and they didn't leave a message
2021-07-07 20:56:00rnjmom
Towing service located on east th street in Walsenburg, Colorado
2021-06-18 23:30:00ihatephones
Same Guy called me- I asked him to take me off their calling list- He said f you bh- He repeatedly called till midnight untill I unplugged my phone- My son answered the phone and would not repeat what the Guy said- This Guy has repeatedly harassed me for over a year- I even had my number changed from Vonage to time Warner- He called the new number with a different scam- Said he was with publisher clearing house and I won million dollars- Nothing but profanity and harassment from this jerk