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2021-09-10 07:15:00Donna Baker
If the scammers accessed your computer, they probably did one or more of the following:? Disabled the anti-virus software? Added nasty malware to the computer? Copied the Contact List (so they can spam email your soon-to-be ex-friends)? Copied any financial data or passwords they could find? Compromised your ID? "Zombied" the computer, so it would respond to THEIR commands sent via internet? Deleted some important files? Asked for money to repair the damage they causedWhat can you do immediately after such an attack?- Pull the cables on the computer, or otherwise disable it, so it cannot access the internet- Change ALL passwords stored on the computer- Run FULL malware scans on the computer, in "SAFE" mode- Change the passwords again, particularly if the malware scans showed anything- Inform your bank and credit card companies, Sign up for credit monitoring, and check the status frequently- You may have to bring the computer to a local repair shop, and tell them the story, Tell friends what happened, so they can be aware of strange emails from you, Connect to the internet only AFTER all the above have been done- Change the passwords on all online accounts- Even better - access a "safe", uninfected computer, and change your online account passwords RIGHT NOW-NOTE:If your computer set a "Restore Point" while it was infected, any "System Restore" you make will re-infect your computer- Suggest you delete any potentially infected restore points and avoid setting such restore points until after your computer has been thoroughly cleanedYou fell for one scam, and might be susceptible to others mentioned on this site:phonehelp-truth-com facts-htmlRead that info to educate and help protect yourselfHonest computer companies do NOT cold-call people, or cause popups from websites to tell them their computers need fixingSome scammers even have websites, and falsely advertise they are associated with popular software packages or computer companies; so do NOT believe a "we will fix your computer remotely" site, and allow them access to your computerRead the info at these links-news-softpedia-com news Cold-Call-Tech , on,shtmlwww-consumer-ftc-gov articles -tech-support-scamsLesson:If your computer needs fixing, bring it to a local repair shopPlease reply to this post, to let us know you read it, or have taken suitable actions to protect yourself
2021-06-22 19:38:00Ricky Chesson
Stop calling me because im going over there with the police your calling my number and i don't know who You are, stop harassing me, or i will press charges
2021-06-12 05:41:00Ricky sanchez
This was a scam pretending to be IRS
2021-06-05 18:29:00KENYA
This is a scam-They want to recover lost money-The number they want me to call is ,the number that comes up on my caller I-D- is
2021-06-01 13:19:00CKSWQ
So far they have called times in minutes on a Saturday morning, beginning at AM- The number is , No One is on the other end
2021-05-26 22:32:00Gina connelly
SPAM Beware
2021-05-16 17:07:00Kiesha Sacasa
i think this is a call from a girl who was trying to hook up with my boyfriend- Her name is Nicole Wetherby
2021-05-12 04:07:00mushu
Prince Sincere is a p-i-m-p